Browser’s Troubleshooting Guide : Know How to Solve all the Browser’s Issues

15694ef1cbdf1f5bd77ce02cdd9686d1If you are facing numerous browser’s issues and problems and unable to fix it, then definitely you have reached at correct place as here we are going to discuss in details regarding how you can resolve all your troubles and issues. Browsers are very important for surfing and executing our online task. Being an Internet user, you might have crossed across numerous sites issues. Actually, these issues that you are experiencing can be caused by your search browser. There are numerous symptoms of these issues which vary and can include-


  • The Add Media button won’t open
  • In Visual editor, the content area is white (blank) and all the text only appears when you modify to the text editor.
  • Underlined words is linked to ads
  • Error in loading the icons on Visual Editor

Know How to Get Confirmation About Browser Issues

The most common and easiest way to confirm a browser issue is to switch to another browse. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended for best performance.

If the other browser will solve all your issues then you will know the actual problem is browser issue

These issues can be resolved by disabling extensions/add-ons, clearing your cookies and cache, modifying your internet browser settings or by refreshing the page


There are many issues you encounter may be created or caused by itself the search browser. For best security and performance we suggest you to keep your browser up to date and this can be done by running the latest version.

To check which version you are running, view the About Page. You can check your search browser settings to check whether you have automatic browser update turned on or not. In-fact some themes only support Internet Explorer 9 and may not support on the older version of Internet Explorer. You may also have problems due to using older version of Internet Explorer. You may Click on the Compatibility view icon to disable. Thats why, we recommend to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla for best performance with all the Edublogs sites.


Reloading browser or by force refresh you can recheck your browser with web server to just make sure whether you are using latest version or not. Below given shortcuts will help you in force refreshing your browser:

Windows : Ctrl + F5
Linux: F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Cmd + R

Alternatively, you can right click on the web page and then Select Reload or Refresh option


If you are still experiencing problems in viewing your Edublogs pages, then definitely clearing browser cache will be a best step to solve all the issues.


What is Browser Cache?

On every site visit, your browser stores a temporary copy of files and those saved files are called browser cache. If your browser cache stuck or not updating properly, it will head you towards viewing an older version of supporting files and this leads to browser issue.

If you constantly keep your browser clear or delete your cache, this will help your browser in fetching all the files for your site. So that you can see the latest version of web page.

Sometimes Internet Service Provider may form or create a cache at the network level. It create a cache to store all the files on their network so that they can reduce bandwidth costs and also to loading some web pages faster than usual. If your network cache is creating issue, you will need to wait for it to clear out by its own.


Almost every web page requires the use of cookies for the properly working of their site. If you are getting trouble with your blog then make sure that you have enabled cookies.

If you are getting problems in deleting your passwords and user-name from displaying up in your browser, you really need to clearing your blog specific cookies.

We would not advise you to clear all your browser’s cookies as it may affect your experience using other sites.


Add ons which is also known as Extensions in some browsers is capable to improve your browsing experience. However some add ons causes some features on site to not function or display content that you don’t want such as text enhance ads or pop up ads.

If you will open your site in incognito window or private window, it will not load any cookies, add ons and extensions.

If you found suspicious that add ons are affecting your machine, you can disable all add-ons and then restart browser to check if the problem is solved or not.


If you are still getting troubles here are some more things you can try:

  • Click to open your website in private or incognito window. It will not load any extensions, cookies or add ons and this very step will help checking if any of these are the reason for browser issue.
  • Keep updated your Flash Player and browser to its latest version
  • Make sure that any blog or subdomain are not blocked by your web browser
  • Try any other browser and if it works you will be confirmed that there is your browser issue
  • Try any alternate location that has different Internet Service Provider. If it works, it will be confirmed that there is issue with your local network.
  • Try an alternate PC in the same location, if it works there is a problem with your own system settings.


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