Know How to Delete Partition in Mac Immediately

Do you want to delete partition of Mac computer? If yes then it could be easily done by the help of in-built Disk Utility. But before deleting a partition keep one thing in mind that when you deleted or erase a partition then all data which is saved on that particular hard drive will be lost completely which you can not recover again. Therefore if you want to keep safe your data then it is best to create a backup file of entire data on external storage media. If you are aware of this then now come to the point.

You can delete partition when booted from the Install CD/DVD – you would use the version of Disk Utility that is on the CD/DVD. Select the whole disk on the left side of Disk Utility – not just one of the partitions. Use “Mac OS Extended (Journalled)” as the format type. Then press the Erase button.

By the help of above written steps you can easily delete partition in Mac. But the main problem is that if you are not familiar with Disk utility then its very difficult to understand its process and functionality . Apart from this if you are looking for an alternative of Disk Utility to delete partition then you are at the right place. There are several types of tool available by which you can easily deleted Mac computer hard drive partition. Partition manager mac is one of them which is able to resize, format, or delete existing partition.

By the help of Mac Partition Manager tool, you can Delete partition in a simple way. Some of the features of this tool is that it is very easy to use. Therefore you can not face any type of problem while deleting partition. It is friendly to user.

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