Exchange Server appointments repair & recovery

Microsoft Exchange Server is an application designed for organizational email communication needs. It acts as an email communication medium. An email account created with MS Exchange server is configured by exchange administrators and works with MS Outlook in synchronization. MS Exchange Server comprises of easy email communication, calendaring, contacts, tasks, appointments, journals, meeting schedules, alarms etc. It is the first choice for every organization because of its easy to use features and availability of every required component. But when MS Exchange Server goes down, crashes, gets virus attacked or face unidentified issues; communication system of an organization can really go down and affect the daily work scenario of every individual. Important emails, meeting schedules, alarms, contact information, tasks, contacts, appointment can get lost in a very small moment. Here you need MySQL repair and recover tool.

Stellar phoenix exchange recovery tool is the powerful and perfect application which recover and repair exchange server database file which have been corrupted and damaged. It works effectively and safely when server fails to restore from backup files. MS exchange server stores all the user mailboxes information in a file with the .edb file name extension. When it get corrupted or damaged, it results into loss of stored private information like user mailboxes, emails, address book, journals, calendars, appointments, notes, schedules etc. This is the perfect Exchange Server appointments repair & recovery tool.

It may happens due to-virus attack, application malfunction, improper system shutdown, Operating system corruption, hardware failure, improper use of database repair tools etc. but in all the above situation this recovery tool is efficient for the recovery of corrupted or damaged edb file with its all objects like emails, tasks, notes, contacts, appointments, schedules, calendar entries, email properties and many alike. Its influential and advanced scanning algorithm scans thoroughly for the recovery of edb file. It doesn’t affect any other file at the time of recovery due to its read-only nature. Hence it is safe to use as recovery purpose. It is proven as perfect administrator utility. It is best for any business enterprises.

Its simple, cool and interactive user friendly interface allows users for Exchange Server appointments repair & recovery with the great ease and efficiency. It doesn’t demand any technical qualification to operate this application. In a very simple and few clicks you will be able to recover, repair and restore corrupted or damaged edb file at your define safe place and make it accessible. It saves all the recovered edb files as .pst file, which can be accessible with MS Outlook. You can download this Exchange Server repair & recovery tool and can use further to save important exchange serer database file.

Key Features

Quick, fast, effective and safe recovery.
Supports Exchange server 5.5, 2000 and 2003.
Recovers e-mail addresses from Active Directory storage.
Recovers all edb objects with date and time of its creation.
Recovers all types of messages format.

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