Importance of Cross Browser Testing Tool to Ease Your Browsers Compatibility Issues

The increase in internet usage along with rapid rise in technology has completely spawned the digital world and even provided great flexibility for the internet community to experience all the resources at almost zero or no cost. These days, people uses different types of hardware like laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones and most widely used smart phones to get connected to internet. As the trend of one line user is increasing, users are creating a set of cross browsers compatibility challenges. Its no more a truth that these days peoples are more likely to stay on a website that is interactive, attractive, responsive, fast loading and easily navigable. So, to fulfill all these requirements, web development now requires much more than the standard set of five web pages that again demands increased interactivity that must checked across web browsers.

imagesIt is said that a successful website is one that is developed or designed with users in mind i.e according to user’s point of view. These days, almost every one is using different browsers between most commonly used options like Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Safari and Bing. Actually these browsers make up for the majority of the market share. Thats why, it is s very much important that a application or websites must be compatible with all the different browsers configurations. Hence, a website should always be tested to check or ensure that it functions properly on all the different types of search browsers or can say must be compatible with all the web browsers. Web browsers are said to be the leader in web exploration of internet navigation are nonexistent now. So all the unused and older versions are now not even heard by the present generation. Thats why, it is said that when ever any web application is in the process of development or in developing stage, it is considered as a good practice to conduct Cross Browser Testing.

Reasons behind why to Conduct Cross Browser Testing

A web application behaves as desired in one browser but might have issues in another browsers and these issues will definitely hamper the entire functionality of an application. The client who look for the professional website or application can rely on cross browser testing which would definitely help their client applications in producing different results in different web browsers as they run in Flash, Applets, JavaScript etc.


How to Conduct Cross Browser Testing

You can perform or execute cross browser testing in numerous ways. The most commonly used method to get started is that there should be a checklist on the scope of functions that should be performed at the time of developing an application or a website. The checklist will act as an array when you open up a application or any website in multiple browser to mainly verify the set of desired outcomes of that website or an application. These task can be performed by using any tool available in market and mainly designed to manage the checklist.

These applications and tools will help you in checking any given site or application against any given browsers or its versions. But program doing this process will always have its pros and cons. Any program can behave more promptly across web browsers and its versions exactly like the same way we want it to behave. But there is no guarantee that the program will continue to behave the same way as we want. It is well know fact that a human can catch more errors or faults than a program as well any machine can.

There are always variations among browsers and browsers versions. These variations brings numerous differences in performing Cross Browsing Testing to make sure that each browser renders all the designed pages. It is advised that firstly you should make sure to test the browsers according to the market share and also follow all the trends of the audience. Different browser versions plays a important role in designing as some many older versions browser does not support the latest specifications. So, it is so very much essential to perform or execute Cross Browser Testing manually or with the help of tool as it will guarantee that that your website or application will operate property across all the different browsers, browser versions, operating system as well devices.

ClicTest is one among a Product Enabled Independent Software Testing Company which is specially designed to provide end to end software testing services and solutions for enterprises of every size. ClicTest cross browser and cross platform testing solution can easily find the platform functionality based defects in any web applications and this in turns help you to attain the scope of enhancing the quality of their Applications by lessening time, money, human effort and multiple tools.


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