List of Top 10 Internet Browsers For Windows 7, 8 and XP

These days, surfing internet has rapidly become a daily habit. Almost everyone uses internet to execute their daily work either official or personal. Web browsers have made online searching very easy. Earlier before, searching for any information you need over the Internet as World Wide Web creates thousands of new site per day. Web browsers were developed mainly to make our internet surfing activity much easier. An Internet Browser is mainly a software application which is used mainly to view web pages and access Internet on computer. Using these web browser, our life has become much easier as now it is quite easier to search any thing in an easy way.

There are plenty of browsers available to make our browsing more easier. Most of them are available for free. Some web browsers have made their mark in convenience, quality and comprehensive over all the other browsers. If you want to know complete details about the popular and most comprehensive search browser, then continue reading the post. As here we have discussed list of top 10 search browsers for Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP.

Some of the most common and popular internet browser generally used in Windows 7, 8 and XP are as follows:

Google Chrome –

Chrome is a freeware browser developed by Google Inc. It is one among the best web browser for Windows PC. It is commonly used due to its speed , security, simplicity and its customization features. Due to all these advanced features it is on the top of the list of browsers. Google Chrome is well supported by iOS 6.0 or higher, all the latest android versions, Mac OSX 10.6 or higher and almost all the Windows and Linus system.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another free and open source search browser developed by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. This very web browser supports Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and Android system. You can easily download this amazing web browser freely.

Internet Explorer

IE or Internet Explorer is commonly known as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Windows Internet Explorer. It is foremost or can say default browser of Windows PC. IE is developed by Microsoft and can be downloaded freely.


Opera is another free browser which is developed by Opera Software. It usually works on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows OS. It is also available for mobiles and mobile version of opera is called Opera Mini. You can easily download this browser freely.


Safari is a Internet web browser develop and designed by Apple Inc. It comes with iOS and OS X. Few version of Safari web browser also supports in Windows OS. This very browser also can be freely downloaded.


Maxthon Web browser officially known by Maxthon Cloud Browser. It is also a freeware browser which is developed by Maxthon Ltd for OS X and Windows. Maxthon Cloud Browser supports iOS, Windows Phone and Android platform as Maxthon Mobile. You can easily get a free maxthon web browser.


Rockmelt is a social media web browser which is developed by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes. This very browser needs another web browser to work within it. Rockmelt supports almost all types of iOS and browsers.

Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey is another free and Open Source platform internet suite. Here you can get the facilities of advanced email, Web browser, feed client, news group, HTML editing, IRC Chats etc. Sea Mozilla uses the same source code as Mozilla does. This web browser can also be freely downloaded.

Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer is another web browser which is developed by Deepnet Security. This very browser only works in Windows System. Deepnet Explorer also can be freely downloaded.

Avant Browser

Avant Browser is an another freeware web browser developed and designed by a Chinese namely Anderson Che. Avant browser only works in Windows PC and ean be easily downloaded.

As we all know that Internet has become an integral part of every one’s life. Web browser plays an important role in helping us while surfing online. In short can say it has made it much easier.

Hope so, this post will help in knowing about the most popular 10 web browser.

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