Memory card not recognized Mac: Solve to issue to access memory card contents

It is really a depressing situation when you have lots of valuable images stored on memory card and your Mac system refuses to detect it while transferring data from memory card to system. In a real life scenario:You have clicked several images on your digital camera. You connect the memory card to your system in order to transfer the images but it refuses to detect the memory card. Normally, you would pull out the memory card and put it back to camera in order to check the contents but it is reporting ‘card error’. If you are also facing any such situation then it is quite possible that your memory card have been corrupted and thus memory card not recognized on Mac system. Corruption generally lead to loss of data if it is not solved on time. It is important to solve this situation as early as possible to avoid data loss situation. However, some other reasons may also be responsible for such situation.

Follow the steps below to know about the reasons and solution of Memory card issues.

  • Retry to connect the USB drive on your system and verify that it is secure to use
  • Sometimes attaching two devices with system conflict with each other. So, unplug all devices and connect them one after another and after each connection verify that previous one is working sharply.
  • Check the device in system profiler. If it is visible there then there may be software issue behind Memory card not recognized Mac problem. But if it is recognized by system profiler then hardware problem can be major reason. Update driver, create new user or reinstall the system software to correct software issues. In order to correct the hardware issue, press Command-R to refresh the list appears in system profiler.
  • If you are connecting the device into a USB hub then unplug it and connect it directly to computer port.These are some effective tips to solve memory card not recognized Mac issue.

However, if these tips are unable to solve the issue then unmountable device can also be possible reason behind the problem. For this open hard disk> applications> utilities> disk utility and highlight the name of your device. If it shows mount then click on it so that it changes to unmount. Even you are unable to access the contents of memory card then use professional Photo recovery Mac software to recover lost images. Professional way of recovery is quite effective and secure. Best thing is that it is easy to use. This too will also help the users in MTS Recovery and other restoration of other file formats. Memory card not recognized Mac issue will not be a trouble for you any more after using this tool.

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