Infection : New Vulnerability For the Browsers

As we know, these days the Internet is abundant with hackers and scammers who are always in search of innocent user for making easy money. They uses numerous stealthy techniques to make you convince to click their given links and domains. Recently we have noticed a growing phishing site that look like real and usable domain. Actually this malware is highly risky and annoying as well.

About is recognized as a leery browser hijacker that mainly target Windows based system. Once activated, it will start ruining your browsing session by making unusual redirections. will act as a legit search engine but reality is far different as this malicious domain is developed in such a way that look exactly like real domain. It is advised not to trust these domain, they are mainly used to earn black money. will bring numerous changes in your default system’s settings and in this way make your computer completely non responsive. This unsafe domain is designed by cyber crooks along with the evil motive to gain complete access over your compromised system.

What’s more, will block all your active, running and processing programs and applications heading towards gradual degradation in your system’s performance. will bring modifications in essential system’s settings and its appearance aiming to degrade system’s throughput. Thus, it is advised to remove as soon as possible and thus make your Windows PC secure.

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How Invade your PC

Via Spam Email Attachments: soon after accessing junk or Spam email attachments, get added onto your machine.
Surfing unsafe websites: it get added soon after surfing or visiting any malicious website.
Using Unsafe Removal Media: connecting infectious removal media like pen drives, hard disk and other external device.
Peer to Peer sharing of files: while working in a shared network, it is strongly advised to take caution while working in a shared network.
Via downloaded Freewares: Most often, come along bundled with freewares downloaded from non authorized websites.

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Prevention Tips to Avoid

  • Take caution before clicking any unknown email attachment
  • Always keep strong and complex password as it is considered hard to break
  • Properly Scan before using any unknown external device like pen drive, DVD or CD
  • Always keep your anti virus program updated
  • Do not click any unknown links and url as they are mainly shown by hackers along with evil motive
  • Avoid downloading pirated software as they rae really very risky
  • Do not visit unsafe websites and pages is highly septic and hazardous as well. Thats why, it is strongly advised to remove instantly from your Windows PC. Click the below given link to know the easiest step of removing this very threat.

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