Pen drive photo recovery: Easy recovery option for formatted or corrupted pen drive

Digital cameras have made the photography easier for everyone. Digital images are easy to transfer, share and store. Almost all digital devices such as digital cameras or other inbuilt cameras that comes with mobile phones generally store the images in memory card used in the device. Digital camera users generally transfer the data from memory card to other digital storage devices for data security purpose. Generally users transfer the data on system either they are using windows or Mac. Most of the digital cameras allow direct transfer of data from camera to system using a data cable. But sometimes users also use USB pen drive for temporary data storage as per their convenient. Images stored in pen drive are easy to transfer in any digital media but sometimes users face photo loss situation from USB pen drive. Pen drive photo recovery is not a difficult task with the availability of professional photo recovery tool.

If you have also lost your precious images from USB pen drive then don’t lose your hope to get back the images. You can easily recover lost pen drive images and it is important to know about data loss reasons and situations, before moving towards the solution. It will further help you to avoid photo loss from USB pen drive. There are several situations that lead to photo loss from pen drive. Accidental deletion of images, pen drive formatting without creating any backup, human errors, logical corruption in pen drive, virus infection and similar other things are possible reasons for loss of digital images from USB pen drive. USB Pen drive photo recovery is possible in all data loss situations. After realizing data loss situation, you should not format, delete, store or edit any contents of USB pen drive . These actions may overwrite the existing data and chances of recovery will decrease. In any general photo loss situation, you will be unable to access the image files store in pen drive. In some cases photo icons are still present inside the pen drive but they becomes unresponsive upon your commands.

  • May get some set of error tags on your screen such as:
  • Media not formatted would you like to format your media?
  • your USB device is not recognized

Pen drive photo recovery is also possible after getting any such errors. In other situation, it may be possible that complete data files are not visible on the drive. It generally happens due to improper transfer of data. What so ever the situations, use third party photo recovery software to recover lost images. The recommended tool is helpful to recover lost images in all photo loss situations. If you are using Mac operating system then use Photo recovery mac tool that is compatible with all Mac OS versions to recover lost images. USB pen drive image recovery will really become easy and secure task by using the recommended tool. It is also compatible with other digital camera and helps in Sony Photo Recovery and many more.

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