Some Common Browsers Issues

Web browsers are basically a program that enables user to view and search any query all over the World web wide. Browsers are said to be connecting link between world web wide and user. It is great that users have numerous browser options and this creates a lots of work for the designers and developers who need to make sure the websites is compatible with more and more browsers. In order to solve all the browsers related issues, firm you need to confirm it.

Confirming Browsers Issues

Switch to alternative browser is the moist fastest way to confirming that browsers have some issues. You can choose Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for optimal performance. If the other browser fixes the problem then you will be confirmed that the problem is browser issues.

Browser issues and problems can be solved by changing your internet browser settings, disabling add ons/extensions, clearing your browser cookies and cache or sometimes you can also make it fix by simply refreshing the page.

Supported Browsers

Sometimes all the problems you encounter may be caused by the browser itself. For the security and best performance we recommend to always keep your browser up to date by running its latest version.

You can check it by yourself via browser settings. If you have automatic updates turned on, you can see the list of all the latest browser and then select the most latest one. Some themes are only compatible with IE 9 and above, so firstly you have to check the compatibility of your browser. You can click on the compatibility view icon to disable it. We recommend you to choose either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best performance.


Force Refresh

Reloading or forcibly refreshing browser causes browser to check for its latest version. So, by using this trick you can check weather your browser is up to date or not. In order to check the latest copy of your web page you can use below given shortcuts for forcibly refreshing your browsers:

Windows – Ctrl + F5
Linux – F5
Mac/Apple – Apple + R or Cmd + R

Clearing Your Browsers Cache

If you are continuously facing problems, clearing your browser’s cache is considered as a good first step to try to resolve this very issue.

Each time when you access a web site , you browser stores a temporary copy of the file of that web page which is needed to display the web page for you. Those temporary files stores are said to be browser cache. If your browser’s cache is not updating properly or if its struck, you could only be viewing an older version of some of the supporting files. Soon after cleaning all the cache, you can see the updated files and this happens because when you clear your cache, you browser will be forced to fetch new updated information and thus you can see the most recent version of the page.

Note: It is possible for your (ISP) Internet Service Provider to create a cache at network level. This means inspite of viewing the web site web servers for some files, the Internet Service Provider has created a cache mainly to stores files on their network to try reducing bandwidth costs and is capable to make loading your web pages faster than before. If a network side cache is creating trouble, you just need to wait to clear on its own. And if you can’t reach your website via browser, you should be confirmed that it is caused by your ISP for checking weather your website is up for the rest of the world.


Clearing Website Cookies

websites requires the use of cookies to work properly. If you are facing problems with some section of your website, you need to just check out to make sure that you have cookies enabled.

Still if you are unable to clear your passwords or username from showing up in the web browser when you log in, you may need to clear toyr website specific cookies. It is advised not to clear all your browsers cookies unless you are getting privacy issues. By deleting all the cookies, you can cause troubles while browsing.

These all are some common browser’s issues along with the possible solution. I hope this post will help you in solving your browser related issue.



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