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How can you start to speak fluent English like a native speaker?

English is a language of pride everyone wants to be fluent while speaking it. It improves your personality and communication skills. It also helps you to get a job and present yourself better way confident. If you don’t know how to speak fluent English like a native speaker, then no need to worry at all. Just be ready for hard work and practice.

The steps are mentioned below to make you a fluent English speaker:-

  • First of all, you have to learn the basics of English and English grammar. Without basics, you are unable to speak correct English. Basic is a pillar of the whole English language. Then only you can be a good speaker.
  • There are different types of accents used by the native speaker. Find it out and select one that you want to speak.
  • Create your surrounding environment favorable to your goal. Watch movies, Read a book, listen to English songs, Talk to your friends in English. This will improve your habit to speak in English. And practicing it regularly will make you speak fluent English like a native speaker.
  • Learn daily new vocabulary to enhance your English more and you can speak with different words.
  • Work on your pronunciation. Even if you speak too good, but the people are unable to understand you, its all wastage. Hence, you should learn the pronunciation, to make other understandable. You can repeat the words as you watch movies or listen to songs, to learn the correct pronunciation of the word.
  • Learn where the sound is silent and where you have to join the sentences. Try to speak fast, as you can see that the fluency speed of a native speaker is more than yours.
  • Learn more and more English idioms. The native speaker uses idioms more in their conversation. Using idioms in your sentences makes you feel more knowledgeable and confident.
  • You can also use technology to improve your English. You can use YouTube and Google for getting more idea and practicing the same.
  • Always try to speak in a clear voice, that can express your views clearly. So, work on your clarity, be audible and clear while you speak.
  • You can observe that the native speaker uses slang words in their conversation. Use slang words as much as you can, it makes you more impressive.
  • Nothing can be achieved without practice. Practice more and more to improve and to speak like a native speaker.
  • From the above passage, you can conclude that it is easy to speak fluent English if you have patience. And you can work hard.

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