Steps to Fix Common Browser’s Issues

If you are reading this post, it means you are one among those who love to surf internet on daily basis. These days, everyone is depended on Internet to smoothly execute their personal and official work. It is really great to know that we have numerous browser options. It creates a loads of words for designer and developer that need to make sure that mostly used websites are compatible with numerous browsers as possible. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Edge are most much standard and is widely used these days. But the question is ..Are you doing it correctly?? Is your default browser, browsing as efficient as it could be???

Browser upgrades are really causing compatibility and other issues. Here are some following important information that will definitely help you in troubleshooting common browser related problems and issues that you may face while working inside Blackboard.


downloadGoogle Chrome ( Windows & Mac)

A very important Note for Mac users: For Mac Operating System browser’s, access preferences via Applications Menu (eg. Chrome> Preferences)

Clear Browser Cache: For Clearing Browsing’s Data: First of all you will have to Select “the beginning of time” from the “Obliterate “ menu (drop down). After that Select “Empty the cache” and then after Click to Clear Browsing Data button. Close the Settings tab of your browser.

Enable Cookies: Goto Settings and then Click to Show advanced Settings and then after click Content Settings followed by Privacy and then click to open Cookies. After that check “All local data to be set..” and then Click Ok and Close settings tab and then come back to browser.

Enable JavaScript: Click to Settings and then Show Advanced Settings. Click to Privacy and then open Content Settings and then after JavaScript. You will have to Check “Allow sites to run JavaScript”. Press Ok and then close the settings tab and switch back to your browser.

Enable Get new Page at Each Visit: Open Settings page and then switch to Show advanced settings. Click to open Privacy and then move to Content Settings and goto Cookies. After that Select “Keep local data only until I quit my browser” and then Press Ok. Close the settings tab and then come back to browser.

How to Block Unwanted Pop Ups – Popup Blocker Settings: Goto Settings and then click to “Show Advanced Settings” and then move to Privacy and then open “Content Settings”. Now click on Pop ups and then Click to Open “Manage Exceptions” button and then set behavior to “Allow” and then after Close the tab and come back to browser.

download (2)Mozilla Firefox (Windows & Mac)

Important Note for Mac Users: Access Preferences vis Application Menu (like : Firefox → Preferences)

Clear Browser Cache: Go to Tools → Click to Clear Recent History → Select Cache and then Ok and switch back to your browser.

Enable Cookies: Click to Open Tools and then goto Options → Privacy and then History Pane, you can use custom settings for history and then click Cookies and then Select “Accept cookies from sites” and “Accept third party cookies” and then press OK and switch to your browser.

Enable JavaScript: Tools → Got o Options → check “Enable JavaScript” box → Press Ok and get back to your browser.

Pop-up Blocker Settings: Click to Tools and then Options to open “Exceptions” button which is next to Block Pop up Windows. Click to Allow and then Close → Click to Ok and then come back to browser.

Steps to Get new page at each visit: Tools and the Options to Open Privacy and then History Pane → Select “Clear history and when Firefox closes. Click to Settings and then Select “Cache” and then press Ok and come back to browser.

download (1)Internet Explorer or IE ( Windows & Mac )

Enable Cookies: Click Tools and then Go to Internet Options → Click Privacy and then move to Advanced to Check “Override Automatic Cookie Handling and then you have to Check the option to Always accept the session cookies and then Press Ok and come back to browser.

Enable JavaScript: Tools and then move to Internet Option and then Click Security Tab → Internet and then Go to Custom Level to Scroll down to Scripting and then enable “Active Scripting”, “Allow status update via script”, “Allow Programmatic clipboard access” and “Scripting of Java applets” and then back to browser.

Pop-up Blocker Settings: Click to Tools and then move to Pop-up Blocker to Open Pop-up Blocker Settings and then Close back to browser

Trusted Sites: Click Tools and then Internet Options → Security and then click Trusted sites and then go to sites and Un-check “Require server verification for all sites in this zone” Add your trusted sites and then Click to Close and then back to browser.

Discussion Board Issues: Tools and then Go to Internet Options and then Custom level followed by Security Settings and then scroll down to Miscellaneous and set “Launching Programs and files in an IFRAME” and then click OK.

Enable Status Bar: Go to View and then Toolbars to Check “Status Bar”

Get New Page Each Visit: Goto Tools and then Click Internet Option to Open General Tab and then move to browsing history section and then Click the Settings button. After that Select “Every time I visit the webpage” and then click OK.


download (3)Safari

All Settings: Click Safari and then move on to Safari Menu to Open Preferences and then Click Security icon to Check : Enable JavaScript, Plugins, java, and then Clear Check bow on “Block Pop Up Windows”

Accept Cookies: You have to Select “Only from sites I visit”.

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