Steps To Sort Out Outlook Crashes When Opening Emails Issue

Microsoft outlook application is one of the best e-mail client application. Now this application is used by so many people because it provides safe and secure platform for transferring e-mails and other kinds of data. Sometimes while using outlook application you came across a problem which is outlook crashes when opening emails. When outlook tries to open e-mails then instead of showing e-mails outlook application hangs and get crashed. This problem creates lots of trouble for outlook user because they are unable to access their valuable and important mails.

Causes of Microsoft outlook crashes when opening emails issue:

  • In most of the cases this error message caused due to Oversized pst file
  • The outlook pst file is corrupted or damaged
  • Software related problems may also causes this issue
  • Corrupted outlook installation

How to sort out outlook crashes when opening emails issue:

If you want to fix this issue then you need to perform some tasks which is advised here. Therefore, first of all close all running programs. Now open outlook application and if you have installed so many add-ons then uninstall them all or disable them and then try to open emails. If this step fails to fix this issue then go for the second step. Now try to open the outlook application in the safe mode. If you outlook crashes when opening emails in the safe mode then it indicates that there is something wrong with the outlook PST file.

If this problem is causing due to oversized pst file then you need to decrease the pst file or split the pst file. You can decrease the pst file size by creating archive old emails because when you archive old emails then new .pst file is created. Therefore, use the archive facility and decrease the size of pst file, apart from this try to empty the sent email box and deleted items folder. If you think these steps are very difficult to perform then there is another by which you can split the pst file to get rid of outlook crashes when opening emails issue. You have to use third party Reparation PST  tool. This software is easy to use and specially made to split the large pst file in smaller size.

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