Tips to Defend your Computer Against Viruses and Spywares

PC threats can be very serious as they are capable to execute numerous malicious activities onto your computer and causes it to crash. They are mainly developed along with evil motive to steal your confidential data and lately use those info in bringing illegal activities. The type of damage caused to the machine can vary from minor to major or severe with common problems related to email spoofing, modifications in its default settings, slow performance and many more. Internet is considered as its key pathway via which these computer threats assaults your machine and then after start degrading its entire performance.

There are numerous approaches to secure or shield your machine and expel all the malwares and spywares permanently from it. Every one should follow these preventive measures following which they can avoid all the infections. It is said that the more layers of guard, the harder for cyber criminals to break.


Strong Anti virus Software

Anti virus is one intend to secure your computer with viruses and malwares. Always try to install a top rated security software and make sure it is kept up to date. It is mainly a package of code or programming to shield or protect your machine from unapproved code and Spywares. Always try to use advanced software that constantly scan your files, programs and always run in the back ground.

Spam email Attachments & Junk Mails

Do not open any unknown email attachment unless they are sent by some one you trust. Have caution while opening any email attachment as there are many malicious threat that invade via email attachment. You must install any software programs and set up it to automatically perform scanning of every attachments when received.

imagesAvoid Clicking Unknown and Suspicious Links

It is advised to never ever click any random links or url which is shown while surfing. Actually these attractive links are mainly shown by hackers to trap innocent user and then after use their system’s resource to execute other illegal activities.

Use Strong and Complex Passwords

It is considered as a first line of protection by keeping your computer secure by having strong and complex password. As we know that complex passwords are hard to break. Keep your password long and a mixture of character, number and signs.

Avoid Peer to Peer Sharing of Files

You should have extra caution while sharing any file using P2P (peer to peer )technology. As trojans and other PC threats easily get concealed in these types of programs. Kindly avoid these .dll, .lnk, .scr, .bat, cmd, .bin, and .vbs file extension as thay are malicious.

Check on Security Settings of your Default’s Browser

Browsers have different security and protection measures and that why it is recommended to keep strong security settings of the browsers. Most of the computer threat get invade via browsers.

Follow all the above mentioned security and preventive measures and I am quite sure it would help you in making your system secured from all types of PC threats and Spywares.

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