Web Browser Security Comparison and their Issues..

The very first thing we do, when there is requirement of any information, is open any search browser and start searching. There are various browsers having their own distinctive properties and features. Web browsers are considered to be the most important piece of software for computer. The world is more complex than it was in 2010, so there is a need of secure browsers. Here we are going to discuss about those search browsers that have made a large user base and are constantly moving ahead enabling smooth web experience.

Internet browsing has now become an essential part of our daily lives. Thats why, it is so very much important to choose the right web browser among all. Here we are with little comparison about them along with the reasons why they are best and popularly used these days.

Generally we evaluate search browsers on the following criteria:

  • Web browsers should load faster and must be compatible with every popular and commonly used operating system
  • As browsers are very important, it should provide convenient and practical features that make out surfing more easier and fast.
  • Web browsers must be compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system
  • It should have user friendly interface and must be offering all the best possible features.
  • Web browsers should be easy to use as one can find all the important and required tools without making any effort.
  • Peacekeeper benchmark and Browsermark are best way to check the capability of any web browser.
  • Memory Consumption, speedy startup solves half of the problem. You have to make sure that once your browser clicked, it will not going to gum up your machine and degrade its speed.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Internet Explorer, the greatest and best web browsers, well before Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It has kept itself up to dated by launching its new versions. Although, it has led to a decrease in its market share due to competition but, it is still one among widely used search browsers. IE 8 allows a much smoother and better tab experience and also facilitates user to open several tabs simultaneously. It comes loaded with privacy features like SmartScreen Filter and inPrivate Browsing. IE 8 takes less time as compared to IE in loading any page. In addition, it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an excellent search browser, surpassing the previous IE and even upgraded with best and amazing features. Mozilla Firefox come with easy shortcut keys which made the browsing session more easier as compared to that of IE. One window tabbing mode has made life much easier for all the Internet surfers. It provide ability to spell check, restore session, smooth scrolling, bookmarking, password manager and many more. In terms of providing protection or security, Mozilla scores the highest in comparison with other commonly used web browsers. This browser help you in protecting your confidential and personal data including all your banking and personal details. It is available for all Windows XP, Vista, Linux and Mac OS. In addition, its add-ons feature provide you freedom to upgrade your web browser and help you in spreading out the whole world. Mozilla Firefox is the only browser not to hybridize its address bar and web searches.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is considered as the second best web browser. It is very commonly used due to its simplicity and easy to use interface. It is secure and fast as well comes with interesting features that attracts number of users. Chrome comes with the enhanced Tab features which has made the browsing to a higher level in the organized way. It ensures high level of security and sends warning alerts to indicate or show the presence of suspicious act. This amazing browser assure user to secure them from virus, malware and other phishing sites. It is very faster and enables a speedy experience. Google Chrome support or compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Mac. Hence, it lack in vectoring and HTML5 bit-mapping.

Screenshot from 2016-03-11 15:21:40


Safari is a product of Apple that have gained popularity and instant recognition especially among the Mac users. It contains all the necessary features along with additional some new features usually offered by commonly used other web browsers. It offers excellent features for Mac users and is very easy to use. Safari provide security against malware, viruses, private browsing and from phishing sites. Its speed is fas as it takes less time in loading any page. What’s more, it is compatible only with Mac operating system.


Opera is an Internet suite that comes with various useful in-built tools but it still acquires a small market share. Opera 11 is its latest version. It is easy to use and provide tabs function enabling user to customize according to their requirement. Like other web browsers, it help in securing their personal data and information as well offers protection from phishing virus, spyware and unsafe pop ups. It is a faster browser but shows compatibility issues with some websites. Opera is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, Mac OS X as well Linux too.

Source: http://www.farotech.com/the-war-of-the-browsers-which-browser-is-best

Well, this is our best effort in making you familiar with the best among all the web browsers. Here you will get to know detailed info about all the popular browsers. You will find it easy to select the best among all these five web browsers. There are many other browsers you can opt but above mentioned browsers are best from our research. Now, among all these popular browsers, you can select the one according to your need and requirement.

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