Windows 10 Bugs, Problems and Fixes: Activation, Chrome Browser, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Audio Issues and More

Facing problems while installing Windows 10??? Well you are not alone..Read the complete post here you will get the most common problems faced along with some tricks as well its solution. So, continue your reading and solve Windows 10 issues.

Windows 10 has been released recently and continues to be downloaded by millions user due to its advanced features and easy to use interface. Thats the reason, response of Windows 10 is overwhelmingly positive. It seems like a huge improvement as compared to the disaster that was Windows 8. Beside all these positiveness, there are numerous issues and bugs are being faced including problems in activations, Wi-Fi connectivity, Chrome browsers issues and like wise many other problems.

Activation Issues

Users are experiencing one of the main problem before even upgrading to Windows 10, and that definitely has to do their attempts to activate the upgrade. Most of the user, have been reported of getting ‘waiting to connect’ message while the initial stage of the installation process. While there is nothing their user can do to boost up the process. The bad news is that there is really no any solution you can do to end up this issue. The very good news is that it usually resolves by itself withing several minutes. So, all the users who are facing this issue should just patiently wait out as it itself get resolved after a few minutes.

Chrome’s Problem

In Windows 10, Chrome users are facing a bunch of problems like slow down and problems with bogging especially while performing tasks like streaming video. Well, in order to solve this issue, the only thing you can do is to wait and wait for Google to iron out this very bug. Meanwhile, killing all your extensions and cookies will help you a bit in solving the problem for a while or you can try reinstalling Google Chrome. You may use any other browser for performing some specific tasks like streaming and all.


Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Wi-Fi connectivity is another big issue for Windows 10 users. Peoples are reporting regarding the stability of Wi-Fi connection, always get disconnected at regular interval of time and sometimes unable to connect at all. Wi-Fi issue is actually a common issue for every Windows version. Disabling Wi-Fi sharing feature will help you to make your connectivity a bit more stable. Like other versions Windows 7 and Windows 8, Reboot is best solution for this very issue.

Folder Fails

As per some users, in some cases, Windows 8 is better than Windows 10. The email app of Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to create sub folders at the time of organizing their emails. Folder fails is a major problem for some users and there is no any fix for the time being to fix this issue.

Audio Problems

Audio issues are also topic of worry for some Windows 10 users as they either doesn’t receive any audio or their HD audio is no longer running properly. Microsoft is still making their efforts in investigating these issues and making Windows 10 much better.

There are various other issues, reported by Windows 10 users like error with copy paste, locking start menus and so on. You can reboot your PC in order to temporarily solve all your Windows 10 issues, as it will come back again. Microsoft is still looking for any update to fix all these issues and problems so that they can provide you bug free Windows 10.


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